Friday, 17 June 2016


QUOTE OF THE DAY: I've got to take a break, to be honest; I'm not even going to lie.-Puff Daddy aka Diddy.

Before anything, this post is probably my last post of anything serious, until after my Bar Finals in September when I start decrusting myself. I do not in any way regret running this blog on the side all this while. It’s been an exciting experience! My only regret so far, is that I was not able to post as often as I hoped to, and, to post on more quality content (Computers now insert emojis *FaintsTemporarily*).
I was in the Library on Saturday, when it dawned on me that there are certain books I would really want to read asides the Law Books which I have immersed myself in since December. Two books which I haven’t included in this list, but I’m longing to read are “The Law of Attraction”, and, “How to Kill a Mocking Bird.” If you know where I can buy these books at affordable prices in Lagos, be kind enough to tell me in the comment box below.

Death of a Princess: Not just because She is Harry’s Mommy, but, because she lived a selfless life worth emulating. Her death shocked the World. I share several similarities with this woman. Some of the causes she helped bring the spotlight to, are causes very dear to my heart. We were both painfully shy children, and, teenagers. Over the Years, I have followed her life, works, and, well, Harry. In my view, Diana Princess of Wales, was a true English Rose not devoid of flaws.

Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl: For as long as I remember, this book has been on my reading list. As a child, my father introduced me to A LOT of documentaries, including the Jewish Fate in World War II. After my Mother taught me how to read, I was determined to read this book, but it was out of my reach because I didn’t know the name of the little girl. I have in fact started reading this wonderful book. I had to pause reading this book because I’m preparing for my almighty Bar Finals. From what I’ve read so far, Anne Frank lived a partially thorough teenage life, boys included. Please leave me no spoilers in the comments below.

I KNOW WHY THE CAGED BIRD SINGS: To say I respect Dr. Maya Angelou even posthumously, is an understatement. I LOVE HER, period. By the way, did you know that on her birthdays, she sent Martin Luther King’s widow a roses till her death?

LEARNING TO FLY an Autobiography of Victoria Beckham: Posh is someone I have given side attention to since 2013. Her other book my Mom bought for me got stolen by Wharf sharks (thieves), alongside other items. I had to balance myself as to not fall when I saw this book, Victoria Beckham was smiling at the back cover. She didn’t have that frigid-stone like look most people now see on her… She was, well, Posh.

Malcom X: I love Malcom regardless of what anybody might think about him. There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there concerning the real people who had him murdered. I believe reading this book will bring me closer to what he stood for, and, his visions.
That is why, the next book on my list won’t be much of a surprise to you.

His Autobiography! Guys, this one is published by Penguin Classics, the pages are soft, and the font is easy on the eye (which, is a major requirement for me). I already peeped into the book’s intro. You probably know that he was a Muslim before his death, but, did you know that his Daddy was a Baptist Preacher?!

If you have suggestions of any other books you will like me to read, please comment them below.

This post can be summarized as "by God's grace, see you in September. I've got to focus on my main priority at the moment, my exams." Also, this means there will be no birthday post here on the 9 of August....Honestly, this is a happy-sad moment for me, and I'll miss you.
I will reply all your comments as soon as I can.

Wishing You Love and Peace,

This blog is founded on Deuteronomy 28:8.
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Sunday, 22 May 2016


DIY Organic Avocado Hair Mask

Quote: "What if I fall...Oh my darling, what if You fly?"- Unknown.

Good morning Guys, Happy Sunday!!
I went for 7:30 am Mass at Falomo, and I have the rest of the day free! Yaay Me! Lately, I've had a lot of "alone time." It's a good thing to experience once in a while. I feel my court attachment externship is one of the best things God put in place to fire me up for my career. I am truly grateful.

However, I feel I am not reading enough for school. Tbh, it's as if I need to put in more effort. A new friend of mine told me I'd be just fine (hey Georgie). But, tearfully, I don't know how. In a good way, I know I need a little push.

Back to today's post! Generally, I love to eat/snack on Avocado! But, like most things with humans, my body outrightly rejects it! Sadly, people, Avocado gives Alexandria serious flatulence. Don't laugh at me or I won't share anything with you again. Kiddin'! *insertLaughingEmoji*
I'm even laughing at myself, who am I to stop you?

Lets talk hair! It's okay if you are not on the natural hair train, or, have been on it and it is not for you. It's okay. This blog is here for you. This is a hair mask I stumbled upon by curiosity. Since I can't eat Avocado without flatulence, surely I can put it to use in some other way... So, I had an inspiration, and, checked out the great big internet to see if others had ever done it. And, they had! So, I felt safe experimenting Avo on my hair. I used things  found around the house to make this DIY Mask. Also, this is a great Pre-Poo/Shampoo regimen.


  • A big sized Avocado should do. As you will see below, I used 3 small ones.
  • 2 Tablespoons of Pure Honey (please avoid those sugar syrups they pass off as honey, in order to avoid ants gathering around).
  • An egg.
  • A functional shower cap 

Slice the Avocado into two from top to bottom. Use your fingers to pick out the seed and that deadish-paper-like-thing(forgive my cluster) that serves as a covering for the seed.

It should look like this.

Use a spoon to scoop out the Avocado into a bowl. When you're done, break the egg into the same bowl, and, add the honey. Slightly beat it together, and pour the contents into a blender, and blend it into a smooth paste. There was no power supply when I did this, so I had to beat it to the best of my ability... This is what it looks like.

Use your hands to rub the paste on your head.

Gently massage the paste on the strands of your hair. Focus on your strands first, before your scalp. Do not forget to give your edges, and, ends(tips of your hair) a taste of this goodness, they are your prime priority.

Now, gently use your fingers to de-tangle your hair. I keep using the phrase gently, because your hair doesn't need aggression, keep that energy for pounding yam.

Before We continue, I want to share a small victory with you. I finally got my Learner's Permit! Driving in Lagos Nigeria is something else! It's like driving in a Maniac Grand Prix. Do you drive? What is it like where you drive? Tell Me in the Comment box below.

In continuation,
Massage it a little bit more, and use your shower cap to cover your hair for 10 minutes. 

Then, rinse out the Avocado mask. You will need A LOT of water for this. Use lukewarm water for this. Continuously rinse out the mask, use you  hands to scrub out the mixture, gently does it. LON Tip: Honey, DO NOT comb your hair just yet, chill. In fact, do not comb your hair until it is dry. Again, under no circumstance are you allowed to use hot water to rinse this out. You run the risk of cooking the egg in the mask. You might end up with not just tiny Avocado lumps but, egg white lumps too*cringe* Continue rinsing until the water from your hair is clear, and, looks clean. If you want, you can go ahead and just use shampoo at this stage.
However, I didn't. I felt the shampoo might remove the whole essence of using an organic hair mask. The decision is your to make Love, whatever rocks your boat.

Wrap your hair in a Towel and wait for water to stop dripping from it. Your best bet is to allow natural air dry your hair, and, not using a hand dryer. Unless, you're in a hurry. If you need any clarification about this, or have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me in the comments below.

VERDICT: This mask made my hair shiny, I loved it! And, Would recommend it you, if you feel you hair needs a little polishing/shine. I also used this mask for my face, it's absolutely refreshing. 

That's it for this week guys, see you next week Sunday. Thank you for stopping by. Remember to follow me on Instagram @lilyofnigeria plus, I just made my first Ayamashe, go check it out there.
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Sunday, 15 May 2016

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Revamping the Blog: New Blog Goals and a Niche for Lily of Nigeria

Before anything else, I deeply apologise for what seems to be a total nonchalance to this blog, and, it's beloved readers.
How has life been treating you? Great I hope. Have you kept up with the news? If you're in Nigeria(Lagos to be specific, you already feel how I feel, about the state of power supply, and, petroleum). 
In other inspiring news, have you seen the smiles Prince Harry's brainchild the Invictus Games has been pasting on veterans' faces lately?  To see first hand, Check out these links here, here, and here.
Even HelloMagazine, has an entire gallery with a 16 picture slideshow detailing a part of the games here.

I've been working a great deal behind the scenes, with my school work especially. We've started our attachments so law school is gradually coming to an end for me. I've been doing a lot of thinking, and research too concerning this blog, and more than ever, I'm convinced I need to give this a shot...
By God's Grace, You will encounter the following on this blog in the future:
  • Posts focusing on Helping people with relaxed hair. Thus, more hair-care posts, particularly, on relaxed hair will be coming your way.
  • There will be more, and, more stuff on beauty...
  • There will be in between's like "Current reads, playlists, obsessions...,YouTubers, Beauty gurus, Instagrammers, and, urls I'm currently stalking."
  • Expect  Fresh Posts here every Sunday.
  • If there is any other thing you will love to see featured on this blog as time goes by, don't hesitate to tell me in the comments below.

I hope you guys are as excited as I am :) 
God willing, see you in my next post [(in 0rder to have a first look at it, subscribe to my mailing list. It's easy, find the subscription box on this blog, and, enter your Email address into it. Then, click on the link sent to verify the email Feedburner will send to you within seconds from this blog, and that's it! You can unsubscribe in the future if you feel you don't feel like, anymore)].

Sending blessings and peace your way,
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Saturday, 9 April 2016

How to Make Tiger Nuts Milk Also Known As Horchata/Kunun Aya

A while ago, I came across a friend's Instagram Post on Tiger Nuts. I was amazed by what I read on her post, one point in particular caught my fancy(that it helps people loose weight). Being the law student that I am, I had to do more research. My discovery took me aback.

Tigernut is a tough fibrous rooted perennial plant. In Nigeria, they are referred to by a plethora of names. Igbo people call it Aki-Ausa (I don't know what it means in Ibibio, so, I also call it Aki-Ausa). It is known as Aya in Hausa, ofio in Yoruba, Chufas in Spanish, some also call it Zulu nut, yellow NutGrass, Ground Almond and so on.Wrongly addressed as nut, Tiger nuts are actually Tubers. They are very popular in Northern Africa and Nigeria. They are alos not alien in places like India, and Spain where they are consumed in milk forms known locally as Horchata De Chufa.

"Hausa people" sell them in wheel barrows all over Nigeria, and, at affordable prices too! During my research, I discovered that there are various derivations of the nuts. Tiger nut Oil, Tiger nut milk(which I will be showing you how to make in a bit), Tiger nut flour! Unbelievable eh? 

 It is an area of the agriculture sector that is very much neglected, if only people knew their worth. Amongst it's numerous benefits are:

  • Aggressively competes with olive oil. 
  • Can be taken when on a weight loss journey.
  • Lactose free Milk, thus a very good substitute for lactose intolerant people like me (Paleo friendly). 
  • Rich in calcium, Vitamin C and E.
  •  Boosts fertility in Women and Sperm count in men. 
  • High anti-oxidant levels. 
  • Assists to control diabetes. 
  • Rivals bananas in high potassium rates.
  • Bursting with Magnesium, and phosphorus.
  • Can serve as a laxative to some.


Tiger nuts.
Dried Dates(if you have a sweet tooth).
Ginger (optional).


Wash the Tiger nuts. If you bought the dried ones, you will have to soak them in clean water till the next day before moving to the next step. 

However, if you bought the fresh ones, keep them in a porous sieve to drain out any water.
These are the dates we could find.
They were the dried type. After washing them, they were slightly pounded in a Nigerian wooden motar, use your hand to break them and remove the seeds. Go ahead and soak them in clean water. This will enable the dates become soft before blending.

After washing the nuts, I peeled the fresh ginger and added the dates together into the blender. After that, use a tiny teeth sieve, or, material to separate the by product from the milk. You can also use an "Akamu clothe." I honestly don't know the English name of that thing. I'll find out for you guys, and, update this post.

A closer look at the contents in the blender.

 This is what it looks like in a glass.

This is the sifted chaff/by product. Some people dry this and re blend it in a "dry blender" and use it as flour.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you have a blessed week.

 By the way, tell me how it turns out if you eventually make it. And, what your thoughts are on it? Was this post of help to you? Have you ever tried Tiger nuts anything? And, did you ever know Tiger nuts could have all these benefits?

This blog is founded on Deuteronomy 28:8.

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Sunday, 3 April 2016


 QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Travel makes one modest. You see what tiny place you occupy in the world.”― Gustave Flaubert

Hey you, how is life treating you this April? I hope you are doing well. This is one post I have been hoping to finally publish. And, apart from the fact that today is Travel Tuesday in the cyber World, today seems like a good day to finally publish this particular post which I have had in my "draft" for a while now. I hope you enjoy it, and, that it will be of help to you in some way.


 Property of LILY OF NIGERIA

Try to find out more about where you are heading to.
TIP: Check out the best places to visit for sightseeing. That is, the best places for food, shopping,gaming,or any traditional custom displays like festivals or on going carnivals…even, best place to people watch.


Make lists, and use them as your guide. Make a before and after list. Your before list should contain things that you will be needing there. This list will help you when you are packing, and make it easier for you. I suggest that you write this list 3 days before you start packing and review it a day before you start packing, so that you can cross out the things you don’t feel too strongly about anymore. This method has continuously helped me a lot.
Your after list should contain the things that you intend to buy there, and the things you might need to see there.
Be spontaneous with them. Feel free to arrange things according to their order of priority. For instance, places you need to visit/see for yourself, and, places you might want to go to. Also, distinctive things you need to buy. This will help you sift out these things from other things that may catch your fancy when you get there, as you may be carried away. If you can, avoid purchasing junk with your hard earned money. Your mantra should be, will I be needing this in the next 2 years? If yes, ask yourself again, will I feel that this was worth my money in the next 5 years? If no, please be kind to yourself, and, drop it. However, if you have the strong urge that you will be needing it, do buy.

I hope you are enjoying this post. Keep reading.


In order to make sure you don’t leave anything behind like your tooth brush or trusty sponge or loofah. This last point will ensure that you do not leave any stone upturned. Check that your tickets, camera, sanitary/hygiene items are intact, and where you can easily retrieve them. Go through your outfits, pair them up with accessories in your mind; pack one spare outfit if you are travelling for more than four days (you can never tell).

I hope this post is of help to you. Did you enjoy it? Let me know what you think in the comments.

 That’s it for now guys, see you in my next post.
Sending you lots of positive energy,
Your Friend.